#powerparent Lucy (Acorn & Pip)

We’re so delighted to introduce you to the amazing lady behind one of our favourite brands here at Bea & Co! When we first set eyes on Acorn & Pip we were in love: the playfulness, the attention to detail and quality, and then to meet the wonderful Lucy behind it was a match made in heaven. We caught up with Lucy a few weeks after she had given birth to her second child to chat all things Motherhood and business. We know our families are going to love all her products so do go and check out the wonderful Acorn & Pip. x 

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Describe your Family and your home environment

My family has recently grown with our newest addition, Ted. So that makes 4 of us! My daughter is 3 and loves her new role as a big sister. We live in West Yorkshire, where we have recently moved to a (fairly scary) renovation project! I run Acorn & Pip from home but have a pop-up at Altrincham market 4 days per week. 

Company and description of your role:

At Acorn & Pip, we offer our cherished customers more than  just a product; Acorn & Pip is a lifestyle. We are devoted to creating a playful retail experience rooted in mindfulness and authenticity. Our eye for quality ensures our toys, clothing, gifts and homewares are carefully curated with kids in mind. Finally a place where the entire family can reconnect, play and make mischief. 

Tell us about Acorn & Pip and where it all started:

I started Acorn & Pip when I had Eden. I had the desire to have a personal project that I could grow and manage as my life evolved. I have always had a love for design and retail so my business was born! I was a languages teacher before having Eden and I have a real passion for education, but I was becoming jaded with the system and felt let down a lot of the time with how teachers were not allowed to fully concentrate their job, so it was the right time for me to make a move. Since beginning my journey with Acorn & Pip I have found many different parts of myself that were perhaps hiding beforehand. I have found a love for photography, styling, and even spreadsheets (!!).

What did you want to be when you grew up?

I really wanted to be a vet or someone who lived on a beach and did nothing. I didn’t have the ability to be a vet; science wasn’t my thing. And doing nothing really isn’t my style (I think I’m a workaholic). But a beach isn’t out of the question though!

Describe your typical working day

I am a morning person but only on my terms, ideally I’d love to wake up early, have a coffee and take time to slowly unwind. However, I have two children so my day starts with a bang! Usually awake by 6 and straight on to breakfast. Does anyone else’s child wake up wanting every breakfast cereal on the planet?! Pre-school starts at 9 so after drop off I race home and start working straight away. I fulfill all my orders, answer emails and then spend the afternoon planning new collections, collaborations, press releases and sourcing new brands. I like to chunk my day so that I make sure I’m working through everything as I can often get stuck doing one thing for too long and I really have to regulate myself. 

As Ted is still so young, he stays with me all day, he’s a pretty good sleeper so I manage to work quite solidly all day whilst he naps. I make sure I log off when he’s awake so that we can play and have lunch. 

I close my laptop at about 5 and then get back on it once the kids are asleep to tidy up any unfinished tasks.  

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Work top tip, mantra or motto

Having your own business can be scary at times but without taking a leap of faith you never know what may be waiting for you. ‘What if I fall? Oh but my darling, what if you fly?”

Best piece of parenting advice you ever received, or would pass on to others?:

When my husband and I were writing our wedding vows 4 years ago, we chose to include the line ‘let’s always enjoy the little things in life, because one day we may look back and realise that they were the big things’. I always thought I knew what it meant, but in the last 3 years since having children, it has taken on a whole new meaning. Childhood is fleeting and I try to focus on the small things each day, like Eden saying a new word or Ted learning to blow raspberries, because in my eyes, that’s what it is all about. Life can be funny like that I suppose. 

Favourite way to unwind, escape or reset from work and home life?

My favourite way to unwind has definitely changed over the last few years and I still adore going out with friends, eating out and letting my hair down but this is harder to do nowadays. I’ve learnt to love getting an early night with my favourite magazine or even going to the shops on my own. For me, there is a real sense of freedom going out without thinking of everyone else. Day in day out, as a mum you’re constantly packing people’s bags, remembering snacks, remembering toys, nappies, wipes and muslins. It feels liberating just to walk out the door with no bag, no rice cakes, no nothing! 

What do you most hope your children will have learnt/ will learn from you?

I love to work hard and although at times I have to remember that I can work hard and not forsake rest time with the family – something I have learnt as my business has grown. I hope my children have a sense of ambition and strive to achieve what they see fit in their lives. I want them to be happy. 

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What are you reading at the moment?

Eleanor Oliphant is completely fine

Favourite film?


Favourite restaurant?

Australasia – sushi all day long!

Who is your inspiration?

My grandparents

What’s the one thing you can’t live without?

Nipple cream ☺ It’s great for everything!

What’s in your handbag?


Favourite place to travel to?


Morning Bird or Night Owl?

Morning bird

077 - Acorn & Pip SS18 - D66A3990.jpg


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