#powerparent Lucy Hind

Meet the fabulous Lucy! One of the busiest Mummys we know travelling all over the country with cutie pie Davey in tow (he shall always be known as Baby Davey to us here at Bea & Co!) We caught up with her a few months ago when she was in London to see just how she does it!! X


Describe your Family and your home environment

We live in Yorkshire, in a lovely village called Holmfirth. I live with my husband, Alan and 2.5 year old son Davey. I work a great deal in London and would not be able to do so without Bea & Co. 

Where do you work?

I am a Freelance Movement Director and Choreographer. Recently on Girl from the North Country and Sting’s The Last Ship. 

What did you want to be when you grew up?

A dancer 

Describe your typical working day 

If we are working in London, Davey usually wakes around 5:30/6am and I try get him to come and cuddle in bed with me for as long as possible! That usually works for about 3 minutes and we get up and go downstairs. I make coffee and he watches Cbeebies. We have breakfast and I prepare his packed snacks/lunch/dinner and we get ready. He’s such a great kid and is so used to travelling with me that he usually lets me shower and get ready while he plays. Then I try have a bit of play time with him before our Bea & Co nanny arrives. We usually only have a small selection of toys and books with us in whichever flat we are in, but we make do. 

It’s such a relief knowing that our nanny will come to us wherever we are, if it’s just a day trip or we have checked out of our hotel, they will meet us at the theatre (or often the train station and help carry our bags!) and take Davey off on an adventure. If I’m in tech they come and hang out in hotels or apartments and do bath and bedtime. We’d be lost without the flexibility. 

Davey used to really battle when I left, but now he just says ‘bye Mummy’ and happily sends me on my way! I try to find a flat close to where we are rehearsing so that I can get there quickly. 

Not all jobs help with accommodation so often we move around quite a bit to try to keep costs down. It’s not easy, but we have a streamlined system now and he is so good at going to sleep in new rooms. It’s more difficult in summer when it can be very hot and very light. I recall many hot evenings whilst I tried to stick tin foil over windows to black out his bedroom. 

At home, we have a similar routine, but it also involves walking the dog and fetching the eggs from the chickens. 

Favourite family trip, hangout or activity in London?

We love the Southbank, the sandpit in the summer and all the lovely activities. 

Princess Diana memorial park is another favourite of Davey’s. Davey has visited so many exciting places with his Bea & Co team, sadly I’m in rehearsals mostly so don’t get to join them! But I love how much effort they all go to to ensure he has an adventurous and varied time in London. 

Best piece of parenting advice you ever received, or would pass on to others?

This too shall pass. 

Favourite way to unwind, escape or reset from work and home life?:

As much as I adore London, we love living up North. We have chickens and an allotment and my favourite thing to do is just hang out in the garden with the boys. Davey loves to dig and cuddle the chickens and we love being in the quiet fresh air. 

What do you most hope your children will have learnt/ will learn from you?

I hope I am giving him an exciting and varied life, it’s not easy and I am often filled with guilt at the changeable nature of our lifestyle; but I am always heartened by how adaptable he is. I hope he sees how passionate both his parents are about what they do and follows his own path into something he loves. 

What are you reading at the moment?

Women Who Run With the Wolves by Clarissa Pinkola Estes. 

What did you last see at the theatre?

The Ferryman

Favourite film?

Our guilty pleasure is we love marvel superhero films like Ironman. 

Favourite restaurant?

Yorkshire: Manjit’s kitchen in Leeds market

London: we are veggie so we love Wagamamas as they have an amazing vegan selection and are brilliant with kids. I also love Banana Tree. 

Who is your inspiration?

Personally: other working mums in our bonkers industry who find a way to make it work, who have shared their stories with me when I was low, and those who have held and cuddled my son in rehearsals when I needed to work. So many, but especially Stephanie Street and  Tamara Harvey. 

Professionally: Directors and producers who understand, who ask, who support. They get the best work from me. Working with Conor McPherson and The Old Vic on Girl from the North Country was one of the best most rewarding experiences of my career. He has a daughter himself and he was so understanding and caring and The Old Vic is a brilliant building to work for.

What’s the one thing you can’t live without?

A good, light travel cot. He’s grown out of it now but we had both a Phil and Ted’s and a Baby Bjorn. Couldn’t have managed without it. Quick to put up and light to carry around. 

Nowadays for train trips: The iPad and his headphones 

What’s in your handbag?

Wet. Wipes. Wet. Wipes. Wet. Wipes. 

Sticker books 

A spare battery charger for my iPhone. 

Favourite place to travel to?

Home to South Africa. Although we don’t get to go so much anymore.

Morning Bird or Night Owl?

Morning Bird

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